Who was Rishi Ashtavakra?

Astavakra is a revered Vedic sage who was born with physical handicap but shown the world that even the weakest form is filled with God’s radiance. Being born with such deformities, he was mocked very often but he gained tremendous mastery over spiritual understanding at an early age. One such Incident was when he was stopped from entering the King Janaka’s sacrifice and told he was too young to witness the great sacrifice. But with the proficiency of art of speaking, he made everyone amazed with the knowledge he possessed. Astavakra’s preachings talks about the Self and its awareness and how one can instantly transcendence to the ultimate state of bliss and happiness.

“If you think you are free, you are free. If you think you are bound, you are bound. For the saying is true: You are what you think.”

About Us

Mahagyani Rishi Ashtavakra Kendra is an initiative of the Government of Haryana for establishing a State level center for Divyangjan, as announced by the Honourable Chief Minister, Shri Manohar Lal, in 2018. Accordingly, the Department of Higher Education, Haryana has established a centre for Divyang students at the Government College, Karnal.

First of its kind in Haryana, the center not only offers accessible, world class higher education to all, but also addresses the educational needs of people with disabilities in a seamless and sensitive academic environment.

The amenities to help these students in learning will be provided at the centre and Divyang students across Haryana shall be able to avail them through the digital mode. All the students with disabilities enrolled with Government, Government-Aided and Self-financing colleges across Haryana can register at the portal and get benefits through online as well as offline mode.

Mahagyani Rishi Ashtavakra kendra Karnal

Deepa Malik's (Para-Athlete) Message


To create a world for students with special needs where they feel independent, secured and a part of the mainstream.


To be an inclusive institution that provides world class higher education to all while addressing the needs of students with special abilities and creating additional spaces for them to grow.


  • Acceptance – The institute encourages empathy, respect and acceptance by providing classrooms that integrate students with and without special abilities.
  • Motivation – Our supporters and counsellors from staff are invested in building a better future in which each child will be given individual attention and shall be recognized for their abilities, not disabilities.
  • Employment – The institute aims to minimise dropout rates and ensure seamless education for students with disabilities and to provide necessary support and infrastructure required to compete in various job opportunities.
  • Facilities
    • High Speed Internet Facility - The campus is equipped with high speed internet facility with a barrier-free infrastructural and educational environment; technology-friendly smart classrooms with modern audio-visual education aids like computers, CCTV, projectors, etc.
    • Pedagogy - A multimedia educational approach; well-equipped computer labs with screen reading software which will enrich the educational experiences of the students. Curriculum based video lectures in Indian sign language to aid hearing impaired students across Haryana. Sign language interpreters will also be provided to teach students at the centre. The classes for all the students across Haryana will be conducted in online mode as well.
    • Accessibility (Infrastructure) - The Kendra provides equal and integrated access for students with special abilities in its premise and programme. The aim is to provide services and support where students will be encouraged to efficiently utilize the available resources. The Institute addresses accessibility related issues and ensures that all existing structures as well as future construction projects in the campus are made disabled-friendly.
    • Accessibility (Processes and Procedures) - The institute will facilitate Divyang students in the admission process, in availing scholarship schemes, fee concessions, guidance and counselling, gaining successful employment, awareness with respect to their rights, examination procedure, etc.

Commemoration of Important Days

In order to lift the spirits of the students and to give them an opportunity to celebrate themselves, all important days pertaining to disability such as the World Disability Day, White Cane Day, Louis Braille Day, etc. shall be celebrated at the Centre.